Legal Briefs and Speedos

Nearly four years ago, the New York Times reported on September 29, 2007: “A New Threat at Guantánamo: Smuggled Speedos and Briefs.”

The article goes on to report that attorney Clive Stafford Smith, who lived in England, received a letter from a commander at Guantánamo advising him that authorities were investigating “contraband being surreptitiously being brought into the camp” by Smith and Zachary Katznelson, another lawyer at Smith’s nonprofit organization in Britain.

The contraband, apparently, was Speedo swimsuits and Under Armour briefs.

Smith called the charges “patently absurd,” and wrote back that his job “involves legal briefs, not the other sort.” And then added, “Does anyone seriously suggest that Mr. Katznelson or I have been stripping off to deliver underpants to our clients?”

Lt. Col. Edward M. Bush III of the Joint Task Force at Guantánamo, however, said in an email response to aTimes reporter that the investigation was no joke. “Contraband items are taken very seriously. They may be used in such a way to conduct harm or self-harm for which the Joint Task Force remains liable.”

Without knowing the man, I am certain that Col. Bush is straight-arrow. If he were not, he would not have been stationed at Guantánamo.

Which leaves me in mid-air…there simply has to be more to this story!

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