The Daedalus Files

It’s time to tell you about The Daedalus Files. Four short books make up this series: Daedalus, Daedalus LEO, Daedalus Squad, and Daedalus Combat. The four stories are about the development and deployment of a hard-shell wingsuit called the Gryphon. The wingsuit is first tested from 80,000 meters, then from Low Earth Orbit by one individual, then by six together, and then it is deployed in a combat venue.

Right now all the books are available individually as ebooks, hard and softbound, and audiobooks. Follow this link to learn more about the individual books and to order them.

One more thing, if you are willing to post an honest Amazon review, contact me here, leave me your name, email address, and the titles you wish, and I will email you a coupon to receive a free Audible copy of any or all these short books.

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