iSLide, uSlide, do we Slide?

The iSlide – brainchild of Ofir Tal of Hadasa College in Israel back in September, 2007 – is a hydrogen fuel cell powered cross between a skateboard and a snowboard. At least it was supposed to have been when it completed development.

iSlide has one wide wheel located in its center of gravity. Lean forward to accelerate; push back to slow down. Tal says nothing about downhill…

iSlide has a top-speed of 15 kilometers per hour, and will be much less expensive than Segway.

Remember when the Segway developed a problem where the bottom stopped, but the top didn’t? Well, I’m a bit worried about the iSlide stopping suddenly, with nothing to hold on to…and don’t even talk to me about downhill! I suspect it never got beyond the prototype pictured below because of this problem. Except for a couple of 2007 Web references, the iSlide has disappeared.

The iSlide

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