A Relativity Birthday Present

Introducing my new children’s book series, Starman Jones, in collaboration with Dr. Frank Drake, world famous director of the Carl Sagan Institute for the Study of Life in the Universe and the SETI Institute. In this series of delightful stories about Starman Jones, Space Pup, and Billy, I create in children an intuitive understanding of many of the esoteric scientific concepts of Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, and other sciences. The first book in this series, Starman Jones: A Relativity Birthday Present, is available online (click on the book cover below), and at book stores everywhere by special order.

(Cick on cover to visit book site.)

A Relativity Birthday Present is the first story in the captivating, educational and beautifully illustrated Starman Jones series designed to give young readers an intuitive grasp of esoteric scientific concepts like Relativity. It teaches young readers about one of the amazing effects of Relativity.

Starman Jones and Spacepup are anxious to take Baby Billy on their adventurous trips from star to star in their starship, Willywinder. Billy, unfortunately, is too young, so Starman Jones devises a trip to the star Alpha Centauri. During the journey he and Spacepup will travel so fast that time slows down for them on Willywinder, while time progresses normally back on Earth for Baby Billy.

Ultimately, Starman Jones and Spacepup return to Earth nine years later on Billy’s ninth birthday, but they have hardly aged at all. Billy has caught up with them, and can now accompany them on future star trips. It is the best birthday present Billy has ever had – a relativity birthday present.

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