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The Starchild Compact



The Starchild Compact is an epic tale of beginnings, of roots, of what might have been, and what might be.

The Starchild Compact is an adventure of heroic proportions, commencing on a planet 500 light years distant, arriving here just a few years from now, and ending up in the far distant expanses of the Universe.

In a near future world dominated by NATO, the Eastern Block, and the Persian Caliphate, Jon Stock takes his exploration team to Saturn’s moon, Iapetus – which they believe may be an artifact. While on Iapetus, the explorers meet with the mysterious Founders, whose technology is way beyond Earth’s.

The Founders’ revelations impact the entire Solar System with momentous implications going backward and forward in time. This paves the way for a joint push by the explorers and Founders together into the distant reaches of the Galaxy.

The Starchild Compact is getting rave reviews

Here is one example. Click here to read more and to purchase the book as a Kindle ebook, or printed in trade paperback or hardback.

The Starchild Compact is a compelling read from the first page. Robert has written a fantastically engrossing space mystery that takes place in our own backyard. This book brought me moments of wonder that I had experienced when I originally read Clarke’s Rendezvous with Rama. This does what science fiction is supposed to do: capture our attention, speculate about the wild possibilities, and take us just beyond our previous imaginings. But this book is not all spectacle. Robert tackles some of the more personal issues of space travel that often go overlooked, with a particular eye toward the role of religion in that exploration. It is a masterful hand that can manage the personal and cultural response to the wonders of space and still present those wonders as pure delight. Robert has done that in The Starchild Compact. From the beginning to the end, this is a must read.

— Jason D. Batt
100 Year Starship
Author of The Tales of Dreamside series


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