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A Space Adventure Bundle that Is Second to None

The International Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Authors (IASFA) is a professional organization focused on aligning readers with authors. We are building the organization that currently numbers over 600 authors published within the SFF genres and growing. Stay tuned as each month we’ll offer full book samplers for free along with less frequent paid book bundle promotions. Help yourself to find your next favorite author. You can sign up for the IASFA newsletter here to find out about our monthly free promotions and our random book bundles.

A Space Adventure Bundle that Is Second to None

Eighteen authors have joined the International Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Authors (IASFA)
in a massive book bundle to send you to the distant reaches of a busy galaxy.

No one knows what waits for us beyond the void of interstellar space. Fantastic landscapes and wondrous peoples. Doing. Living. Just like us but completely different.

Explore those realms with us, places where multiple dimensions exist simultaneously and travel between them takes only a well-disciplined mind. The search for more war by mercenary armies. And so much more…

IASFA Book Bundles are
 a way for people to discover quality books written by popular authors. You know how it’s always hard to find something good to read? IASFA can help solve that with monthly free book promotions as well as through a massive Book Bundle like this.

The Space Adventure Book Bundle! From fantastic worlds to scowling spaceship commanders, from exploration to colonization to alien contact. There is something for everyone, and probably your next favorite Science Fiction author can be found right here. We’ve compiled a bunch of hot titles and can offer them in a bundle for much less than a dollar each. Take a look and see what there is to see.
Books included:

Ambassador 1, 1A, 2 Omnibus – Patty Jansen
Assassin – Kacey Ezell
Dekker’s Dozen: The Armageddon Seeds – Christopher Schmitz
Dragon Invasion – Craig Martelle & Valerie Emerson
High Mountain Hunters – William Alan Webb
It Ain’t Over… – Robert M. Kerns
Ravages of Honor: Conquest – Monalisa Foster
Rediscovery – Lisa Silverthorne
Safe Passage – Rachel Ford
Slice of Entropy – Lawrence M. Schoen
Smuggler’s Moon – C.P. MacDonald
Sticks and Stones: A Trek Novel – Robert Jeschonek
Storm Divers – Terry Mixon
The Cauldron – Jean Rabe
The Chara Talisman – Alastair Mayer
The Chiral Conspiracy – L. L.  Richman
The One: A Cruise Through the Solar System – Eric Klein
The Starchild Compact – Robert G. Williscroft
Warrior: Integration – Chris KennedyThis is a direct sale of a massive bundle across all platforms where the cost is way less than a dollar per title. Once you buy this set, you’ll have access forever.

My book, The Starchild Compact, is in this bundle, and I have read and thoroughly enjoyed Alastair Mayer’s The Chara Talisman. I have not yet read any of the other books, although I have read other books by some of the authors. I intend to purchase the bundle on June 14.

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