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Fan Expo-2022

Fan Expo-2022

Colorado Convention Center
700 14th St, Denver, CO 80202-3221
July 1-3

I invite you to visit me at Booth PRO81 in the Denver Convention Center—just in front of the drive-in entrance at the back of the auditorium. I will be selling all my books and participating in three panels:

  2. Saturday, 1 pm in Room 710: AN AUTHOR’S GUIDE TO AUDIOBOOKS
  3. Saturday, 6 pm in Room 710: CREATING A NOVEL: A STARTER GUIDE

If you are in the area and can join me, I would love to have you drop by. If you own a book of mine, bring it to the booth, and I will autograph it for you.

     Check out my book website at 

Airline Safety – A real solution

Travelers waiting in line   The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) is currently in full meltdown. Several airports have actually replaced TSA screeners with private companies. Public figures from all political persuasions have entered the debate, several suggesting outright privatization of the TSA. Kelly Hoggan, who had served as TSA assistant administrator for security operations, has…

The Truth about Airport security

On November 14, 2001, shortly after 9/11, I wrote an article in the online journal DefenseWatch (see “Airline Safety: Simple Steps for Better Security,” DefenseWatch, Nov. 14, 2001), proposing a way to establish airport and airline security quickly and inexpensively. I followed that article with several more addressing the issue (see “Security, Common Sense and Gen. Joe Foss,” DefenseWatch,…

The Great Sequestration Con

The con is in, and virtually every congressional leader and all of the White House is participating. You have heard about draconian cuts in the defense budget, about furloughs, layoffs, long waiting lines at airports, late welfare checks. Here is the truth, plain and simple: The sequestration cuts approximately 44% of the scheduled increases in…

Rational Islam

The Free Muslims Coalition under the leadership of Kamal Nawash just released the following statement to the world media. I applaud this courageous stance. I wrote to Kamal this morning in response to this press release. My comments follow the release below. Free Muslims Condemn Anti-Muslim Film & Anti-American Protests A hateful filmmaker based in…