Usama bin Laden is dead!

Usama bin Laden is dead. Already, the pundits are talking about how he will be buried in the traditional Muslim manner. They also are talking about how we mustn’t make it possible for him to become the focus of Muslim adoration, with the establishment of a shrine. Perhaps, they say, he will be buried at sea.

I have a radically different take on the matter. Now is the time for America to talk to the entire world in a language that will be clearly understood by all  Muslim extremists. We should mount bin Laden’s head on a spike, draped in a pigskin. This image should be broadcast throughout the world, and posted on a dedicated website. We must clearly inform Muslim extremists everywhere that this same fate will be theirs when they are caught and killed, that their chance to enter paradise will be forever cancelled. They must understand unequivocally that their only chance for redemption is to renounce forever their extremism.
I realize that this will not happen. There isn’t a chance that the people in charge of our military and of our government will exhibit the moral courage to communicate in this manner to Muslim extremists everywhere.

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  1. My only question is, would “normal” muslims also be offended by doing this or would they understand that this is a shot over the bow for terrorists only?

  2. Any Muslim who is offended by my proposed action misses the entire point, and is not worthy of my consideration. The Muslims I respect are those I saw last night outside the White House and in Times Square who were waving American flags, and celebrating with other Americans.

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