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The Great Ozone Hole Hoax

Let’s look at the Ozone Layer. On my website, I have a section titled “The Great Ozone Hole Hoax.” Basically, it is a short slide presentation with 9 slides. Here are the 9 annotated slides:

Ozone consists of 3 oxygen atoms. It is created when an oxygen molecule combines with a free oxygen atom.

Ultraviolet light from the sun breaks apart oxygen molecules into 2 oxygen atoms. These atoms either recombine into an oxygen molecule, or they combine with an oxygen molecule to form an ozone molecule. It turns out that upper atmosphere ozone is the RESULT of upper-level oxygen-absorbing ultraviolet and thus protecting the Earth’s surface.

Any oxygen-containing atmosphere on any planet will have an ozone layer because of the action of ultraviolet on the oxygen molecules. The resulting ozone layer also adds protection from ultraviolet, BUT the layer itself is the product of the protection provided by the oxygen in the atmosphere.

Ozone decays naturally and from ultraviolet and some chemicals. When it decays, the individual oxygen molecules recombine into either oxygen molecules or ozone molecules.

Because the Earth is tilted in its orbit, in the summer the Poles are exposed to the sun. In the winter the Poles do not see the Sun. Consequently, ozone is generated when the Poles are exposed to the Sun.

At both poles, there are 3 months of sunlight, 3 months of twilight, 3 months of darkness, and 3 months of twilight — for a total of 3 months where ozone is generated, and because ozone decays naturally, 9 months where ozone disappears. Consequently, there always has been a thinning (a “hole”) in the ozone layer at both Poles, and there always will be.

Hopefully, this short discussion of what the ozone layer is really all about, and what the “hole” is and what it isn’t will help you understand the issue better. You should understand that the so-called Montreal Protocol did nothing whatsoever with respect to the Ozone Layer. Remember, this layer is the result of the protective action of the oxygen in our upper atmosphere.

The real world in which we live is very forgiving about human activity. Rather than worry about, and spend huge sums of money on, “saving the planet,” we all would be better off if people were to gain a genuine understanding of our environment, and then focus on things that really matter: our families, communities, nation, and how we eventually will learn to travel beyond the confines of the one planet on which we live to perpetuate humanity throughout the galaxy.

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